Topic: [Classic Reborn] limitless LMC 220W Classic Box mod

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Limitless bring its latest box mod - LMC 220W Classic Box mod

A classic reborn with even more power. The Limitless Mod Co 200W is back, dubbed the limitless classic. The classic is back with even more power for those looking to up the ante, 220 watts to be exact. The new classic also features brand new side plate dsigns, cast and machined from a unique resin blended swirl. Eye-catching to say the least, the new limitless mod CO classic will easily be a favorite many will enjoy.

Size: 29mm x 52mm x 70mm
Max Output Wattage:220W
Material:Avilable in stainless & Copper Body
Color:Resin Blue, Resin Red, Resin Green

What about your feeling about this classical mod? Check ave40 for more detail info, feel free please contact

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Re: [Classic Reborn] limitless LMC 220W Classic Box mod

Take a look at the compact Limitless LMC 220W Classic Box mod. Let' see how it works.

Unboxing video: