Topic: Easter Sale on April 1st! Lucky Roulette, $6.99 Crazy Deals & More!

It has been a while since Vaptio ran a vape gear contest. This April 1st we'll be running a massive Easter sale. "Is this an April Fool's joke?"

This is NO joke! We will be offering limited time offers on most models including our new Super Bat which is pre-order. Here is a tentative schedule of the offerings:

3 Bundle Offers - Bundles will last two days each. These three bundle packages will run in 2-day rotations from April 1st to the 6th. Bundle offers have prices reduced up to 46%.

3 Crazy Deals Items - These prices are the lowest ever for high quality Vaptio products. At $6.99, these three crazy deal items will be sold until we run out of stock. These are the perfect gift or pocket vape kits so make sure to snap up 1, 2, or 20! smile These three deals are really crazy for Vaptio to offer, but a smart gift to buy for a friend or family member who wants to give up smoking.

Free Shipping - Free Shipping on Super Bat items! This includes the Super Bat battery mod, and the Super Bat 220w Kit. Both of these are currently pre-order, but, we will be securing stock for our online store orders first. First come, First served.

Lucky Roulette Wheel - This deal will run on the last day (April 7th). Enjoy up to 90% offer on three select Vaptio items.

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