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Topic: Wotofo Profile RDA, Mesh Like Never Before!

#Wotofo Profile RDA is official released!
Mesh heating element has been said to be the unshaken trend in vaping, even for RDA category. Mesh style coils can give better flavor experience in various ways.

This time, we bring to you the juice taster RDA, the Profile RDA, designed by @Wotofo and @Mrjustright1!
You can get it from the name that this RDA aims to free every single flavor in you juice to your taste sensation. It is the flavor profile interpreter for your juice.

To truly taste your juice, now presenting the 24mm mesh style rebuildable platform, the Profile RDA!

Get your Profile in :https://www.wotofo.com/phoenix/admin/pr … ue=profile


Re: Wotofo Profile RDA, Mesh Like Never Before!

Get your Profile in : https://www.wotofo.com/phoenix/admin/pr … ue=profile