Topic: 800mAh VapeOnly Porto PCC Kit Review

Hello again, guys! After the VOOPOO Drag 2, I'm gonna introduce another new vape kit. It is a portable charging case kit and people call it Vapeonly Porto. Now let's dive in for more details.

VapeOnly Porto PCC Kit is an exquisitely-designed and compact vape device, which is convenient to operate with the simulation smoke design, and it restores the characteristics of real cigarette to the greatest extent. Powered by a built-in 800mAh battery and dual 180mAh e-Cigs inside PORTO portable charging case, it can guarantee the battery performance of small e-cigs. The Porto e-Cigs adopts 2.2ohm coil resistance. Each cartridge of Porto can be re-filled around 7-10 times. Moreover, the clear and easy-to-understand light hints can easily identify various battery status, and the decorating panel on the PORTO PCC body can be replaced.
Porto e-Cig
Battery Capacity: 180mAh
Size: 9.2mm x 100.5mm
Volume: ≤1.0ml
PORTO Coil resistance: 2.2ohm
Wattage: 7W
Quiescent current: <5uA

1. Refillable pod design cartridge
2. Compatible with regular juice and capsules
3. 800mAh charging case for stable battery capacity
4. Portable size for easy carrying

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