Topic: Vapes in 2018: Pod Prevails

2018 is about to pass. In this year, the vape industry is undergoing a change of popular trend: the prevalence of pods.

Vapes were mainly pods at the very beginning. Due to technical bottlenecks, they gradually changed from simulated smoking to box mods.

In the early development of vapes, because most companies are new technology companies in non-tobacco industry, they lack sufficient technical reserve and R&D team in restoring the taste of tobacco, and the technology of e-liquid is not mature.

E-liquid was mainly flavored with free nicotine and various flavors, resulting in weak throat sensation, low transport rate and poor smoothness. For users, there is a sense of substitution for cigarettes, but there is no sense of satisfaction.

Under such circumstances, the technological innovation of vape has entered the era of huge vapor. With higher power, nicotine content and VG content, producing larger vapor, thus allowing users to get more satisfaction in the same hit. The appearance of this kind of product basically solves the needs of taste and satisfaction. Because of higher power and faster consumption, larger equipment size and different atomizer specifications are generated.

Today, the vape industry has become a new competition field for tobacco giants. The advent of nicotine salts, tobacco extracts, heating and non-combustion technology platforms has brought a new sense of use to pods.

After experiencing the innovation of atomizer and high-power vape, now the pods has returned. In 2018, the vape market has changed from “large vapor” to “pod”. Pods was stood out from the vapes, and its products emerged in endlessly. Typical representative products such as JUUL, Wismec Motiv2, Vuse, etc.


Wismec Motiv2 (


Pods has the characteristics of being used at any time, compact and convenient, and fully takes into account the various restrictions of the place of use for various volume of vapor. It can be directly vaped by simply putting a one-time used cartridge on the pod, which is very popular with vapors.

It is expected that the vape market will be dominated by pods in the future, but it is still difficult to complete this transition in recent years. Even in the country with the best development of vape industry, the market share of pods can only be said to be competing with box mods at most.

So in the future, will the rapid rise of pods lead to the decline of box mods? This is not the case. Rather than the decline of the box mods market, it is better to say that this is the rise of the vapor market, and vapes really start to shake the market of traditional cigarettes. Prior to this, it was still difficult to shake the smoker market just by the vaping tricks and large vapor. Now, with the continuous improvement and iteration of mods, this mission will also be fulfilled.

At this time of the rapid rise of pods, the vape industry has also attracted a lot of attention from the society, and the regulatory authorities have intensified their supervision efforts. Maybe it touches the big cake of traditional tobacco, and countries around the world have begun to introduce new regulatory policies, such as:

On October 10, Hong Kong announced a total ban on the sale and import of vapes, including heating cigarettes and other emerging products.

On October 19, FDA Director Scott Gottlieb said he was considering banning the sale of vapes in convenience stores and limiting their sales to specialized vape stores.

On November 15, the FDA announced that it would revise its compliance policy for vapes and that vapes sold online by e-commerce vendors would require age certification.

With the tightening of global national policies, the development of vape industry has fallen into a disadvantageous situation. Whether vapes can really be popularized and become the alternative choice for smokers has a great deal with the national policy. At present, most countries still maintain a questioning attitude. The main reason is: the voice about the health hazards of vapes has been discussed all over the world, but it has not come to an authoritative and effective conclusion, and there are even remarks that vapes are more harmful than cigarettes.

From a chemical point of view, the real harm of cigarettes lies in the many harmful compounds produced in the combustion process, namely tar. Vape is a process of atomization through equipment heating, which is a physical process. The main components of cigarette oil are nicotine salt, PG/VG, flavors and fragrances. These are substances that are harmless to the human body and do not produce new substances when they are atomized. In comparison, vapes are much healthier than traditional cigarettes.

Of course, the final conclusion remains to be further studied and analyzed by scientific researchers and to output authoritative representative reports. At that time, the claim that vapes are more harmful than cigarettes will also be punctured, and the vape industry will usher in the best era!