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Topic: VOOPOO Related Events: VOOPOO Drag 2, Drag Mini, Vmate and Rota

]VOOPOO Related Events: VOOPOO Drag 2, Drag Mini, Vmate and Rota

Hey Folks,
How are you?
As we know, many reviewers tell us many negative events about VOOPOO Official.
Maybe VOOPOO Official will be canceled or still live. I don't know.

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If you like VOOPOO products, there is the welfare of VOOPOO Official for you.

Here is product welfare from VOOPOO Official. Let us see more details.

You can buy
10pcs Drag 2 Mod/Drag mini Mod + 10pcs Vmate mod + 5USD

To get five pcs free VOOPOO Rota Pod Kit

After you shop it, please contact our online sales to change the total price.
Do you understand these details?
If not, please feel free to contact our online sales ASAP.
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By the way, what do you think of the related VOOPOO Official events?
Share with us in the comment.

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