Hi Guys,
Happy New Year.
Have anyone know how to join this site vendor?
I have tried to contact @admin many times, but none reply.

Thanks in advance and enjoy your holiday.



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Hi Vapers,
This is Jimmy from China.
I'm new join this forum.
Have a nice day.
Vape on.


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Wellon Transformer Box Mod Kit Brief Introduction:


Wellontech is dedicated to releasing not only exceptionally innovative and powerful device, but ones that are genuinely aesthetically stunning as well. The transformer Box Mod Kit achieved both of these goals as it is powerful and technologically advanced, brings along plenty of vaping opportunities for both the starting and advanced vapers out there.

Wellon Transformer Tank Specifications:

Diameter: 22mm

Length: 47.6mm

Capacity: 4.0ml

Weight: 71g

Replaceable Pyrex glass

Symmetric Air Flow

Wellon Transformer Box Mod Specifications:

Dimension: 82*42*22mm

Weight: 121g

Temperature range: 200-600F

Output wattage: 1-75W

Resistance: 0.1-3.0Ω

Standby current:<50 uA

Voltage range: 0.5-8V

Fit for: 18650 High Drain battery

Material: Zinc Alloy

Thread: spring loaded 510 thread

Display: OLED

Transformer Package Content:

1* Transformer Tank(0.5Ω)

1* Transformer Box Mod(75W)

1* Extra Coil(0.2Ω)

1* Extra glass tube

1* Micro USB cable

1* User manual

5* Silicone ring