Topic: 【IAI RDA V2 BF2.0】Review & Comparison!

Hey guys,
Today we are going to give a brief view on the IAI RDA Version 2 and do a comparison with the SJMY Style BF2.0 RDA and [color=rgb(255, 0, 0)]SXK Style BF2.0 RDA[/color]

Features of IAI RDA
* Original IAI V2 BF2.0 RDA features with 22 meter diameter, height:19.5 mm / 24.5 mm (with drip tip), 33g of it weight, and construction with 34 SS.

*SJMY Style BF2.0 RDA features with the same dimeter and height as the original one, it also 33g. The different is that the meterial of it is 36 SS.

*SKX Style bf2.0 RDA basically has the same feature as the original expect the weight of it is 31.5g, and it is construction with 36 SS.

All comes with spare o-rings and bottom feeding pin.

The original one and the 2 style one has slightly difference, SJMY version is more like 1:1 on design and we will have more details following.

The packing of the original looks more high level and with aluminum box. The SJMY one is with the yellow paper box while the SXK version is in the plastic box. - Ultimate Mechanical Mod & Atomizer Store - Free Shipping