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Augvape V200 Box Mod

Augvape V200 BOX MOD, inspired by B18C Type-Rm, is the brand new sport car concept mod from Augvape. Refusing to be normal, V200 mod features the classic red and black design like a fancy sport car which make it stands out from other mods on the market. Designed with a hidden fire button and rotation button, you may adjust wattage according to your preference. Power by dual 18650 batteries, the maximum wattage can drive up to 200W. Besides the appearance, the unique feature is the VTEC ( Variable valve timing and Valve Lift Electronic Control System) Mode provides more immediate and stable wattage, which increase the flavor into next level.

Some features to look at:

Material: Zinc Alloy
Size: 87.5*45*29.2mm
Standby current: < 500 μA
Input voltage: 6.6-8.4V
Power Range: 5-200 W
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohms
Charging current: 800mA
Three Setting Output Mode:Normal, Bypass, VTEC

Let's compare it with three other sport car concept mods, which have been released not long time ago. The REV GTS, NITRO, SPORT box mod all include speedometer display that indicates wattage status while vaping.

REV GTS 230W Box Mod

REV GTS Box Mod, which provides tremendous power, with the colored HD screen and comfortable to use four button interface, beautiful and robust display technology, and the Venom Chipset. The GTS utilizes the Venom v1.1 Chipset that is capable of 5 to 230W of output alongside a full temperature control support, customization, precision and accuracy that rivals the best available on the market. Choose from multiple dashboard styles with more available online for download.The phenomenal menu system gives you options galore for full control and the screen even features multi-color option detail to create match your Vaping lifestyle.

REV NITRO 200W Box Mod

The Authentic REV Nitro Box Mod comes with stylish design that fits like a race driver's glove, and a special button for increased performance whenever you need it. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, it drives a maximum output power of 200W. Adopting innovative dashboard-like user interface, NITRO will gives you a visual feeling of driving a sport car. The device provides two modes of beginner and advanced user. You may select one as you wish. This device can be charged using the micro USB port located on the side of the device. Available in 3 attractive colors.

REV SPORT 101W Box Mod

Designed to reflect the aesthetics of todays best sports cars the REV Sport is a 101w box mod with an internal battery pack with a massive 4200mAh of power. The Rev Sport features a full color oled display, accurate temperature control, by pass mode, and many more features! Powering the entire system is a whopping 4200 mAh internal battery, with a charge port for minimal downtime for that plug-and-go action. The Sport has a reset button located behind the interchangeable vent cover.  Just get one to enjoy really powerful MOD! Available in Light Blue, Black, Red colors.

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