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When taking the nicotine patch and non-nicotine medicines (licensed by the national Food and Drug Administration) for smoking cessation, 75 percent of smokers light up again within a year. People need better treatments because the available method isn’t working all that well.

And thanks to the rapid development of technology in E-cig industry, thousands of heavy smokers are to be given new hope. Not surprisingly, tobacco moguls have been largely coming onto vape market, producing e-cigarettes and making a huge profit. They are not the only party pushing this trend. Many other individuals and organizations regard e-cigarettes as a weapon to combat unhealthy tobacco. “Facebook, Twitter, texting and the Internet are going to be very good ways to give support,” Abrams says. His organization’s free online Vaping support forum,, has over 270,000 members who have access to a community forum. One third of members choose a e-cig to help them quit smoking.
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The dependence on the smoking is not only a matter of nicotine but also of other factors involved, like the need to relieve stress or activities that trigger smokers to reach for a cigarette. “You can choose a e-cig that mimics a cigarette more directly, or choose a more technologically advanced model for a more intense vaping experience.”  E-cig users inhale vaporized nicotine(in small amounts) from battery-powered devices, which replicate the taste of charred tobacco, but with much less harmful ingredients, so the whole therapeutic process is be done gradually yet effectively.
However, sales gimmick like cloudage performance and bewilderingly diverse variety of flavors are drifting vaping devices toward bigger sizer, higher output, eye-catching design, and more complicated function. To defeat other opponents in competition is a variation of differentiation between vaping device and traditional cigarettes, which leads to pull away the chronic smokers. Simply put, these devices fail to provide the same sensation or similar user experience as lighting up a cigarette. Sadly, about 60 percent of smokers have at one time or another tried a e-cig device, few come back to them. To make smokers switch to vaping is never a straightforward business and a complicated vaping device is more of a hindrance than a help.

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