Topic: Vandy Vape Bonza RDA vs Digiflavor Drop RDA

Hey, guys, glad to see you again. Recently, some vapers ask me the difference between Vandy Vape Bonza RDA and Digiflavor Drop RDA, how to compare? So, in this article, we'll talk about their difference and similarities.

Digiflavor Drop RDA Tank Atomizer
The Drop RDA is a collaboration between the Youtube reviewer The Vapor Chronicles and Digiflavor, has 4 innovative large post-holes which allow for easy coil placement, and maximum build space with open access to trim excess. Moreover, its stepped airflow design provides precise control while maintaining an ultra smooth and whistle free experience. The Digiflavor Drop RDA comes with a locking top cap, which guarantees perfect airflow positioning to makes adjusting airflow much easier. Conical shaped top cap can provide smooth and uninterrupted airflow.

The Look – I said it was subjective as a con and I understand it’s the same as a pro, but I like the look of this RDA
The Build Deck – Piece of piss to build on……unless you’re a twat like me.
The air-flow – Smooth as a well greased otter sliding down a greasy slide. It makes for an enjoyable vape.
The flavour – I used different kinds of juice in The Drop and I tasted all of them the way they should taste, this is a huge pro to me. It’s ok having something that produces a weather system but if there is no flavour, what is the point? I like cloudy, but I like nice flavours more.
The way the barrel fits the build deck – That little lip on the deck allows the barrel to lock into place, this makes your life nicer, all RDA’s should have something like this in my opinion.
The drip tip – It’s a bit different and it works, its nice to see something other than ultem and delrin.
The price – this drop rda on for $23.66.

The Drop Logo on the barrel – It is probably the only part of the whole look of the Drop that I am not as keen on, I think it would have looked good either engraved or laser cut. I don’t hate it, its certainly not a deal breaker, just not as ‘classy’ as the logos on other RDA’s.
The two-tone colour scheme – A subjective con this as I love it, but I know some people are not keen. To them I say buy two Drops in the different finish and match them up, they wont regret their purchase.
The Ultem drip tip – I really, really wish they had made this the same colour as the other one. I appreciate the different design though, some people like this type and its nice to see them catered for.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA Tank Atomizer
The Vandy Vape Bonza is a RDA designed by Australian online reviewer The Vaping Bogan. First impression is, this looks like a really nice RDA with a unique airflow system. The airflow on it looks very similar to the Drop RDA. The only difference being, the holes form a square shape instead of a T shape. I like the skull and crossbones on the sleeve and the resin drip tip that is pre-installed is absolutely beautiful. The juice well is deep enough to hold about 2ml e-juice. The cap comes with 24 airholes on both side (12 per side) for side airflow control. Food grade resin drip tip and Delrin drip are included.

Well packed,
Excellent build, nice engravings,
Nice drip tips included, Full accessories bag
Easy to build-on deck
Deep juicewell
Excellent as a normal Dripper, Perfect at squonk mod!

Some People Are Not going to Like The Gold Ring On The Bottom

Here are the difference between Bonza RDA and Drop RDA:
Both are really easy to build and wick.
Both have exceptional flavor.
The Bonza has more range of airflow than the Drop, but the Drop has a better airflow design and I notice the coils last longer. Points go to the Drop because of this.
The Bonza has a deep juice well that's great for both dripping and squonking. The Drops coil placement allows you to drip down the center and directly hit the coils.
The Drop's Oring tolerances are really tight. It makes taking the top cap and adjusting the airflow a bit difficult. Oring tolerances on the Bonza are great.

Ok, My personal opinion, the Bonza has more traditional positioning so spit back is less. There are two things that make the Drop better than the Bonza. The air flow allows for coils to last longer because of the air flow design and the amount of juice you can drip in there. Because it need a lot of cotton to wick it will soak up a lot and then hold a bunch more in the well. - Your One-Stop Original Vape Online Shop