Topic: 【CATCH UP】2018 first giveaway hold on ave40!!!

Hey guys!

Giveaway form ave40 again, are you ready for it?
Geekvape GBOX Squonker Worthy of the "good device" for popular with many vapors. Want to get this power guy free?

Do not mean your concern, check it and gain a free one hurry!

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Special description:

* Prize with: 5 x Geekvape GBOX Squonker
* More enters you have, big chances win!
* The activity time is 2017.1.11~2017.1.18

Winners will chosen randomly. The winner list will updates here once the giveaway ended. Meanwhile, the winner will be contacted.

Feedbavk line:
Do not hesitated, to be the first winner on 2018! good luck all~~

Re: 【CATCH UP】2018 first giveaway hold on ave40!!!

Hey guys!

Happy weekend.
Here to remind you that Geekvape GBOX Squonker only left 4 days. hurry to join with simple 8 enters.
winner will be yours!

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Re: 【CATCH UP】2018 first giveaway hold on ave40!!!

Dear vapors,

Join this giveaway right now, winner will chosen randomly. everyone have the chances to win, do not give up the last 30 hours!
Create a miracle for your 2018~~

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Do not forget to check the winner list here tomorrow, also remind you to take your participation please. see you tomorrow~~

Re: 【CATCH UP】2018 first giveaway hold on ave40!!!

Hi, Vapors

The final stage is ended, It's a super honor to be right here to post the very last result of the Geekvape GBOX Squonker giveaway.
And express my congratulations to the winners,also thanks for your participation.
If you failed to win this giveaway ,no need to feel pity ,the other two stage are full of possibility. Maybe subsequent time the winner is you~~

vaping on friends!