The vaping industry has changed dramatically over the last few years, and all e-cigs’ companies are understanding that it is not quite enough to get by good functions and high-quality materials alone because there are so many products having the same functions. The design and innovation of devices have become more important than ever before. One product with its unique features will win users’ attention and the market. In this regard, the Smoant does a good job. Its personalized wallpaper and unique design(big fire button) could be the most prevalent brand.
Smoant has released a brand-new product called Smoant Ranker Box mod, which is gaining traction among vapers. The Ranker Box Mod looks as alluring and important as the previous one-Smoant Cylon Box Mod. I have been playing around with it for a few days. I want to tell everyone that the cartridge clip-like device is so striking, especially in a vaping community where most box mods are designed with square and other shapes as well as full-screen. It feels solid and comfortable when holding it in my hands.This box mod comes in several colors, such as Black, Tarnish, Camo. My product is black, and I liken it to a knight in the dark, which looks so cool.
Oftentimes, in vaping community, Smoant series is full of excellent ideas-high-quality leather, frame-shaped device bringing you to the industrial ages(Such as Smoant RABOX Mini Mod), and full-screen product that adds conveniences to the device. (Smoant Charon TS 218 Touch Screen Mod). Each item released by Smoant has its own features and surprises users, including this product-Smoant Ranker.
The first advantage I should mention is its big fire button. The Smoant Ranker is a cool box mod with a big fire button, which is a great addition. In past few years, while many companies focus their attention and resources to the full-screen and small-button devices, the Smoant leaves you with a big and good button that is so special, which is tailored to those who like the clicking sound. Some people may say such design lags behind the trend in which the full-screen devices are so prevalent. I think that it is still modern and this design help ward off loneliness when we hit this button. Additionally, there are some small-sized ellipse-shaped grooves in the fire button, making users operate this box mod easily.
In the vaping markets, so many products are constructed out of one material, making it simple and boring. The different materials that the Ranker’s appearance come in good. The Ranker’s appearance is the combination of plastic and high-quality leather, adding to the military charm to the device, as opposed to other simple-color box mod. In addition to it, it feels lightweight and comfortable relative to other heavy box mods with good materials.

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