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The Arms Race Box Mod is the latest offering by one of the most prestigious Vape Companies known as Limitless Mod Co who designed the very popular, Limitless RDTA in collaboration with iJoy which hit the market by a storm. Despite Limitless Mod Co’s dispute with iJoy, LMC got back on their feet and designed a mod that many of you gun enthusiasts are going to love.

The Arms Race Box Mod is a dual 18650 box mod capable of doing 200w. The exclusively designed chipset for this mod supports Temperature Control with Ti/SS/Ni and TCR. This chipset is also capable of firing down to .1 ohms whilst still being very user friendly and simple to navigate and easily master.
Let’s take a look at the specifications of this device:

· Wattage range: 5-200W

· Resistance range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω (VW and TC)

· Supports Ni/Ti/SS with auto detection and adjustment

· Temperature range: 200-600℉

· Temperature control with TCR

· Display: 0.91in OLED

· Powered By Dual 18650 (not included)

· Zinc alloy construction with rubberized accents

· Bottom USB port which supports on-board Charging

· Firmware upgradeable

· Accepts 25mm atomizers

In the box you will find:

· Limitless Arms Race 200W LMC Box Mod

· A QR Code (Takes you to the instruction manual online)
Just by looking at the design of this mod you can tell that it was designed with gun enthusiasts in mind. LMC decided to create a mod with a strong military presence and they have definitely succeeded in doing that. This rugged, sturdy looking mod has a very tactical design and even has a guard rail located at the top of the mod. This rail definitely adds to the tactical theme LMC was going for. Located at the top as well, you will notice a ‘lip’ by the 510. This lip was designed to support the tactical theme, however, I was skeptical about this and I will explain why later.
This box mod is available in 3 different color options such as: Desert Camo (Desert styled Camo), Blue Digi Camo (Blue digital Camo) and Black Skull Chief (an all-black/Murdered option with a UV printed Skull Chief logo on the side). All of these options look fantastic and are accentuated by the gold accents as well as these ‘fake’ buttons on either side of the device. I have to give it to LMC. These guys have done a phenomenal job in incorporating the military theme into the mod.
Limitless Mod Co has designed an exclusive chipset for this mod which was designed with new vapers in mind. They set out to make a chipset as simple as possible without intricate menu options that take a while to learn. The idea behind this was so that anyone could simply insert their batteries, power on the device, adjust the wattage and vape. They were definitely successful in doing this as the Arms Race Box Mod is one of the easiest mods to learn and operate.
The design of this device is really comfortable to hold and it feels really solid. This mod also has removable sleeves which you can change to suit your style and further personalize your device. The battery compartment is designed really well and works similar to that of a gun magazine. This again adds to the military theme LMC was going for. At the base of the device, you’ll see a swith which you simply slide to release the clip and insert your batteries. On the clip itself, you’ll notice the markings showing the battery orientation.

Although the design of this mod is fantastic, I believe that LMC focused too much on the design side which led to a few cons. The screen size and brightness aren’t the best I’ve come across. The screen on the Arms race is quite small and so is the text. If your eyesight is bad, you may find yourself struggling to read the battery levels and resistance however, the wattage is written in a larger font so you won’t have an issue there. If you are outdoors or anywhere with a moderate amount of sunlight, it will be a challenge to read the screen as it just isn’t bright enough.  Earlier on I spoke about the lip on the top of the mod and this lip definitely adds to the tactical look that Limitless was going for but one of the issues I have come across was that when I used some bottom airflow RTA’s, this lip would get in the way of the airflow which does restrict the airflow slightly.

The performance of this device is excellent. The chip has no noticeable delay which results in instant firing as soon as you press the button. The temperature control modes do work really well as well. The chip LMC used for this device does feature an automatic detection of temperature control coils and this makes Temperature Control a little easier for new vapers. The fire button and adjustment buttons are very responsive with no button rattle and this mod does hit up to 200w. LMC did not compromise when it came to the safety of the users and the device. This mod has multiple protection features and therefore, if you battery charge is low, the mod will not be able to fire at high wattages. In addition to this, if you use batteries which have a low amp rating, this mod will display a “Battery low” error and will not fire if the battery cannot handle the wattage.
Limitless Mod Co has really done an amazing job with this device. The design is absolutely gorgeous! They have done a fantastic job in sticking to the military theme. This mod is more than just a fancy looking body, Limitless did not compromise on the performance of this device so you most definitely won’t be disappointed at how this device performs. All the folks out there who love weapons are in for a treat with this mod. It is most certainly winning The Arms Race.

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