Topic: New Vaping Trends: Heat without Burning - iBuddy and IUOC

The iBuddy i1 Heating Kit has a built-in 1800mAh li-ion battery with 2 hours charging time, which means that you can vape for a long time without charging. It is the first innovative device of pin-style heating element with longer lifespan, integrated design and easier operation. Besides, the device can calculate the puffs automatically during working process. The iBuddy i1 has a compact and colorful appearance with a small size, which is portable and comfortable to use. It’s only $58.75 and free shipping, just get it via this link: iBuddy i1 Heating Kit.

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Re: New Vaping Trends: Heat without Burning - iBuddy and IUOC

IUOC Heat Without Burning: When using IUOC, we just need to put the whole cigarette into it without any additive and then start heating. The temperature of tobacco will be at around 350℃. It will produce extremely mellow taste of nicotine and tobacco without tar and solid harmful substance. There will be not fire, no tar, no second hand smoking, no ash and no dust. Just insert the normal cigarette in it and vaping. You can get it with $126.75 and enjoy free shipping, just following this link: IUOC Heat without Burning Kit.

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