Topic: [Vaporl]Offsite Vape Gears Reviews - Get Free Sample Now!

Hey, guys, here is good news, Offsite Vape Gears Reviews begin now. Do you want to review free products? Do you have a popular online presence in forums, blogs, your own website or any other large community based websites? If you are keen to review free products and have a massive audience , please email, the Email Subject must be "XX apply to get free sample from"

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Links included in Email Content
1. Profile link of Personal blog/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Youtube channel
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Review Content
1. Including product details, operation, pros & cons; it will be appreciated to comparision with related products;
2. Must included our website name & logo and products link.

Forums, Blogs, Personal Site, Youtube Channel, or anywhere you have access to an audience related to the product.

1. Review must be up to 300 words, and video up to 3 minutes, (your customer's ID or username should be mentioned in the post or video). For product review, the same product with different colors or style are considered as one review/video;
2. ONLY VAPORL products included;
3. MUST be original and no copyright;
4. NO Explicit or offensive material;
5. VAPORL has the right to change the review policy at any time;
6. Video or review hauls containing other brands or suppliers will not be considered. - the cheapest online vapor store