Topic: Preview Avbad Bos-II Starter Kit With Three Temperature Setting Modes

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How about Avbad Bos-II Starter Kit 900mAh?
Avbad Bos-II Kit is a heat-not-burn kit for traditional cigarettes which with built-in 900mAh battery, it can heat 15 pods of cigarettes. With three adjustable temperature levels, and there are built-in LED lights to demonstrate the temperature information. Plus one-button activation, the button has three-color LED light to show the battery life. The Bos-II Kit is heated by the ceramic rod, and after finishing the cigarette it switches of automatically. In terms of maintenance, it supports self-cleaning to offer you an excellent experience.
1. Three temperature setting modes
2. Built-in 900mAh battery supports heating 15 pods of cigarettes(4mins/17 puffs each pod)
3. Patent ceramic heater offers quick and healthy vaping experience
4. Self-cleaning function to maintain its high performance and prolong the lifespan
5. Working temperature is controlled within rated temperature±3℃ to guarantee great flavor of each puff

Price: $32.9

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