Topic: 2-in-1 Paragon Kit Launch Giveaway & ECC Vape Trick Competition

As a prelude to our exhibition at this years ECC in the USA, Vaptio has decided to launch a Vape Tricks contest. The total cash prizes will be $1000. The vape tricks contest will run concurrently with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gleam giveaways. Read the Paragon Giveaway Blog: … k-giveaway

Now that you've entered the Paragon Beast social media giveaways, let's tell you how to make some cash $$$ and win some #VaptioSwagger.
#VaptioTrick Prizes:
1st Place Prize: $600usd + Capt'n Paragon Vape Kit
2nd Place Prize: $300usd + Capt'n Paragon Kit
3rd Place Prize: $100usd + Capt'n Paragon kit.
4th to 10th place winners will receive Vaptio vaping kits, T-shirts, Caps, etc.
Enter to win win the Vape Tricks contest here: