Topic: Review LUXOTIC DF BOX for Free, Win UP-to $1000 Amazon Egift Card

Hi guys and girls,

Kali ini ada review kontes dari Wismec dalam rangka launching produk baru mereka yaitu, Wismec Luxotic DF box.

Jadilah salah satu reviewer produk Wismec LUXOTIC DF BOX dan dapatkan kesempatan memenangkan hadiah utama $1000 Amazon eGift card.

Kontes ini terbatas hanya untuk 200 pembeli pertama LUXOTIC DF BOX.
Kontes ini berlangsung dari tanggal 09-10-2018 sampai 19-10-2018 (GMT -4)


Re: Review LUXOTIC DF BOX for Free, Win UP-to $1000 Amazon Egift Card

Untuk detail persyaratan bisa dibaca dibawah ini:

Activity Details

Review application: 2018.10.09 6AM -2018.10.19 6AM (GMT-4)
Review submission deadline: 2018.11.09 11AM (GMT-4)
Review evaluation: 2018.11.29 11PM (GMT-4)
Winners announcement: 2018.11.30 11AM (GMT-4)
Prizes delivery: 2018.12.2 11AM (GMT-4)

Product Purchase → Product Receive→Product Review Submit→Review Verify→Cash Coupons Delivery→Review Evaluation→ eGift Cards Delivery

3、Review requirements:
A.    Review can be submitted in two ways: video or article, but the title needs to be “Wismec new model LUXOTIC DF BOX Review”
B.    Review article needs to be original and no less than 300 words. Please be clear about the point of view, feature highlights will be a big plus. It requires minimum of 5 photos (a. packaging b. atomizer c. mod d. handcheck e. your order number- you can write down the order number on a piece of paper and put it beside your LUXOTIC DF BOX), please post your article in one of the following forums:
C.    Minimum time of video review is 5 minutes, please show your order ID (you can write down your order number in a piece of paper and include it in the video), and upload your video on Youtube.
D.    After uploading review to forums or Youtube, please send the link to for verification.
E.    The email address to submit review will used as cash coupons & eGift cards delivery.
F.    If you have any questions or concerns about this event, please contact for assistant.

4、Evaluation standard:
A.    Most popular article review: Views and replies
B.    Most popular video review: Video views
C.    Special video review: video views reach 30k or above, if there are few videos that reach 30k, the highest view will be the ultimate winner.

5、Winners and prizes:
A.    Most popular article reviews, top 3 of views and replies combined.
Top 1: $100 USD eGift card (1 winner)
Top 2: $70 USD eGift card (1 winner)
Top 3: $50 USD eGift card (1 winner)
B.    Most popular video reviews, top 3 video views.
Top 1: $200 USD eGift card (1 winner)
Top 2: $100 USD eGift card (1 winner)
Top 3: $70 USD eGift card (1 winner)
C.    Special video review prize: $1000 USD eGift card (1 winner)
Each prize will be addressed to one winner, a winner can not win more than 1 prize. For example, if the video review has reached 30k and has top 1 views, this review will only get the special video review prize ($1000 USD), the top 1 prize ($200 USD) will be addressed to next popular video review.

6、Cash coupons and prizes delivery:
After the review submission deadline, it requires 2 business days to verify all reviews and deliver cash coupons (no minimum purchased required) to reviewers. eGift cards will be sent in 2 business days after winner announcement. Cash coupons and egift cards will be sent to reviewers’ emails, please check and redeem your cash coupon and prize in time.

7、Terms and conditions:
A.    When reviewers receive the new LUXOTIC DF BOX, reviewers need to submit review (article or video) links for us to verify. After verification, only if the review meets the requirements, the reviewer will receive a $99.90 cash coupon (no minimum purchase required) for the next purchase on
B.    For those reviews which can not meet our requirements or deadlines, will not be participated in the review contest or get the $99.90 cash coupon.
C.    All submitted articles, videos and photos will be owned by Wismec and may be used for promotion.
D.    Please contact us if there’s any problems with the product (product missing or damage due to transportation), we will arrange replacement for you.
E.    Every customer can ONLY purchase 1 LUXOTIC DF BOX during 2018.10.09 6AM -2018.10.19 6AM (GMT-4).
F.    If multiple reviews are submitted by the same reviewer, we will verify the earliest review only.
G.    Wismec reserves the ultimate interpretation of this event.

8.    Cash coupon policies:
A.    Cash coupon (no minimum purchase required) is valid from 2018.11.11-2019.02.11 (GMT-4).
B.    Cash coupon can only apply to original price merchandise and can not be combined with other discounts or used for sales items.
C.    Cash coupon can not apply to shipping cost.
D.    Cash coupon can only be deducted from the amount of the merchandise. If the cash coupon exceeds the total price, the exceed amount of cash coupon can not be reused or refunded.
E.    Only 1 cash coupon can be used for each order.
F.    Wismec reserves the ultimate interpretation of the cash coupon policies.

Re: Review LUXOTIC DF BOX for Free, Win UP-to $1000 Amazon Egift Card

Introducing latest model -WISMEC LUXOTIC DF BOX!

Here comes the new member of LUXOTIC series, LUXOTIC DF BOX, a powerful and delicate stunner, will definitely become your loyal vaping buddy. Featuring the reimagined squonk system and internal refillable e-liquid bottle of 7ml capacity, the dual 18650 box mod offers you 200W max output. The elaborately carved lines and cutting design delivers a potent masculine force. The Guillotine V2, a high-end bottom-fed rebuildable drip atomizer, impresses us with its unique airflow design and detachable structure. Rough yet forceful, the LUXOTIC DF BOX with Guillotine V2 will be a good choice for all vapers. More DF Box Info here:

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Wismec Company is also doing a Review Contest, you will get a chance to review  LUXOTIC DF BOX and win UP to $1000 Amazon egift card!

Contest details:
①Free review application: purchase a LUXOTIC DF BOX to become a reviewer
②Review submission: upload your review(article or video) to forum or Youtube, send the link to
forum: … ismec.883/
③Get a 99.90 USD cash coupon: once we verified your review, a 99.9 USD cash coupon (no minimum purchase required) will send to your email
④Review contest: special video review win $1000 USD Amazon egift card
⑤Win UP to $1000 USD Amazon egift card: the prizes will deliver to winners'emails in 2 business days after announcement
More activity rules:

For 200 PCS DF BOX ONLY! Start your review now: