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Topic: How to clean your Pod devices?(Aspire Breeze 2, Spryte,Nautilus AIO)

Aspire has released several pod devices like Aspire Breeze 2, Spryte, Nautilus AIO, Cobble for different requirement from users. The Breeze 2, Spryte and Nautilus AIO pod devices feature:

1.Adjustable airflow

2.Two resistance coils, one for nicotine salt e-juice, one for normal e-juice(not nicotine based e-juice)

3.Removable pod

4.Replaceable coil


We are always being asked that how to clean pod devices (Aspire Breeze 2, Spryte, Nautilus AIO)? Here we share some suggestion from Aspire engineers.

If you have more great ways on how to clean vape devices, please feel free to leave your comments. What’s more, if you need suggestions for other questions, please also feel free to let us know.

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