Topic: How To Choose The Right Nicotine Strength for Your Vapes

Right nicotine strength is like the right perfume for your date or other significant occasions. Sometimes we need more nicotine to clear the mind, sometimes we just practice vapor tricks with less nicotine. When vaping, we enjoy not only the cloud exhaled from our mouth or immersing ourselves in our favorite flavor, but also feeling the hit in the lungs and throat. As the different nicotine strengths can bring various vaping experiences, these are some reasons to choose the right nicotine strength for our own preferences.

Nicotine strength has two factors, throat hit and satisfaction. A stronger throat hit is provided by higher a nicotine concentration. In contrast, the smoother throat hit can be due to lower nicotine levels. It is not as simple to say that either high or low nicotine concentrates are better than one another. However, the nicotine level is determined by what level we are used to inhaling. As for satisfaction, the nicotine strength might be too low to satisfy nicotine addicts such as ex-smokers, or too high, which cause headaches and nausea.

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