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Topic: Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit Special Sale Online

Uwell Caliburn pod system is the first small smoke device (Pod Vape) from Uwell.


It has the following characteristics:
1. Simple and practical beauty, not too gorgeous design, using parallel coil design, combining the design style of new elements.
2.2ml refillable cartridge with built-in 1.4 ohms atomizing core and 11W output power. A top oiling design is used.
3. With a dual ignition system, you can use the ignition button to work, or you can use it with air switch.
4. The coil is very strong and has a long service life. The structural design of the cartridge looks very reliable. It is made of hard plastic and the whole small smoke looks strong and durable.
5. The taste is excellent, and because the airflow is sufficient, the smoke will not be too hot.
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https://www.vapeciga.com/products/uwell … 2ml-520mah