Topic: How Do You Think The Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System
Today I introduce you to a watch-shaped vape pod system - Uwell Amulet Vape Pod System, which is black.
The battery is 370mAh and the capacity of the atomizer is 2ml, Resistance: 1.6ohm.
In the case of item line, it is made of rubber material. It is made of rubber material.
I feel 9 to 9 and 9 to 9. There are 4 buttons, and if you press any of them, this comes up like this
If you look like that, you get a coil resistance of 1.6. Show Next Date Here.
I'm on the other side of the line. Now I have a button. I press the button three times.
This is the time and date that I'm going to show you another date.
I do not care about my dad.
It does not look good, but I can see the touchable parts on both sides.
Now, with this, you can adjust the touch.
If you press the button next to it again, it means that the next time.
If you press it again, it goes to the date.
1 2 1 What this changes. If you have set the button next to the long
Press and hold to complete the setup now.
It will be confirmed.
How is it called the next one?
When I press the button once, I will be separated.
This size is very small.
Bottom Smallest Yes.
It is also possible to protect the device with rubber material like this with Kono material.
I was impressed with the place I had just put it in.
When I put it in, it's a trip tv.
They go into the inside of the TV like this,
I thought I used a lot of care.
The point that you should pay attention to is when you reach the moon until it is completely sounded.
It sounds just like this.
You may have to be careful about this.
Until I hear it all the time.
You need to be there until you hear it.
I do not see anything. I have to push the button once to see the clock.